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When you wish to write to FMC on a specific subject, you may contact the concerned officer at the following address:

Forward Markets Commission,
EVEREST, 3rd Floor,
100 , Marine Drive,
Mumbai- 400 002.
Tel. No : 022-22795300.
Fax No :  022-22812086

The details of contact persons and their email address as well as subjects allotted to them are given below:

Sr no Subject
Contact Person Email
1 Investor Protection Fund (IPF) Smt.Nutan Raj,Economic Adviser
Complaints against Intermediaries
All Investor Protection Measures such as SMS, E-mail alerts, Contract Notes
Media campaign on Investor Awareness and all programmes conducted with IPF
2 Governance of Regional Exchanges (including Articles of Association, Regulations & Byelaws Smt Usha Suresh, Economic Adviser
Inspection and Audit of Exchanges
Inspection and Audit of Exchange Members
4 New applications for recognition of Exchanges, upgradation of Exchanges Shri S.K.Mohanty, Director
Governance of National Exchanges (including Articles of Association, Regulations & Byelaws)
Judicial/legal proceedings
5 Capital adequacy, Settlement Mechanism and related matters.
Issues relating to Warehousing
Initial Margin, Margin Collection / Margin Funding
Net worth / Minimum Base Capital of Members
Settlement Guarantee Fund
Matters relating to promotion of hedging in the market
Issues related to Spot Exchanges including NSEL Settlement issues
6 Monitoring and Surveillance of National & Regional Exchanges. Shri V.C.Chaturvedi, Director
Imposition of Special Margins
Complaints specific to trade/margins/settlement of specific nature, having direct bearing on current trade in National & Regional Exchanges.
7 RTI Matters
8 Administration
9 Market Vigilance and Intelligence Dr. Atul Verma,      Director,
Investigation and Enforcement
10 Intermediary Registration Shri R.D.Dharamrajan, Director
Issue of NOC to RBI etc and Wholly Owned Subsidiary
New contracts, Contract designs, Trading permissions in National Exchanges.
New contracts, Contract designs, Trading permissions in Commodity –specific (Regional) Exchanges.
Open Position Limit of Members and Clients, Daily Price Limits, Trade Timings and related matters
12 New Projects / Externally Assisted Projects Ms Supriya Roy,    Director
Awareness / Training Programmes
Workshops, Seminars, Conferences
Matters relating to Advisory Committee / Sub Committee
Matters relating to Relationship Management (Media, Stakeholders, Clients, Public, Universities, Institutions)
Market Development, matters relating to new stakeholders including Aggregators.

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